Purchases I don't regret

Purchases I Don’t Regret

I am no stranger to buyer’s remorse. While I’ve improved over the years, as I’ve mentioned, I used to have trouble with impulse purchases. As a result, I’ve donated more bins of clothing and random knick-knacks than I’d like to count.

Often I look at the things I’ve decided to keep, and when I consider whether I would still spend money on them today, the answer is no. While I don’t necessarily regret these purchases, I do sometimes think I could have waited for better deal, or saved my money for something else.

This got me thinking about what purchases I have no regrets about, and why that might be. The list is shorter than I expected. This is what I came up with after excluding trips, experiences, and items that were gifted or free.


Okay, this one is so obvious it’s almost cheating. I adopted my two cats from the SPCA. The fee you pay covers their neutering and vaccines. Pets are a money pit, there is no denying that. I’ve spent ridiculous amounts on special allergenic food, unexpected vet trips, and more. However, the value I get back is absolutely worth it. Those two crazy cats bring me an immeasurable amount of happiness.

Leather Satchel

My briefcase doesn’t hold emotional value in the way my cats do–if my apartment was on fire, I would leave it behind. It is, however, the most expensive accessory purchase I have ever made. I have never spent over $50 on a purse or bag before, which made this $200 leather bag feel like a risky purchase. After much research and consideration, I bought it as a present to myself when I graduated from college.

When I walked into job interviews with this bag, I felt confident and adult…no longer an imposter. Not to mention I get compliments almost every time I have it on me. Those aren’t needed, but they are a nice bonus!

I purchased it about four years ago, and I’ve gotten more use out of it than anything else in my wardrobe. It’s still in near-perfect condition, the style is pretty timeless, and I expect I’ll still be using it for years to come.

My only regret? I didn’t splurge for the easy-button buckles. THEY WERE ONLY TEN DOLLARS MORE. It’s not a big deal, but I do find it rather annoying to struggle with the buckles every time I go to open or close it. Lesson learned: if you’re going to use something almost every day, it’s worth spending a little extra to get it perfect.


I usually wait to buy games until they go down in price. I bought Skyrim brand new, for probably about $80–a fair sum! With tons of content, it’s been the gift that’s kept on giving. I’ve played it more than any other game, and five years later, I am still getting use out of it. With many different skills, classes, and weapons, it’s fun to try it as different characters. I have an evil vampire lord, a sneaky but well-meaning wood elf, a magical dark elf, and a super-strong Orc blacksmith…and I still have quests yet to be explored!

I really appreciate the depth and detail put into most of Bethesda’s games. It might not be the most frugal choice, but I’m happy to pay a premium to experience it right away. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than buying a game brand new and having it disappoint you (*cough* Mass Effect Andromeda *cough*).

Recreational Kayaks

About 3-4 years ago, when we were renting a lakefront basement suite, my boyfriend and I purchased recreational kayaks that were on sale at Canadian Tire for $250 each. When we lived there, we used them all the time. We don’t get quite as much use out of them any more, but they are awesome to have while camping, and we also use them to check out nearby lakes and rivers. They are a cheap way to explore what the water has to offer, and a great workout to boot.

Would it be nice to have a real kayak? Sure! But they are quite expensive, and my rec kayak is suitable for most of the places we explore or camp at.

These purchases are all very different, yet they have a few things in common. They each offer a great re-use value, they bring me happiness, and they will last a long time (fingers crossed my cats live forever). Now, if I were to tally up all of the purchases that I regret, that would be a much longer (and more depressing!) list.


What are your favourite purchases of all time, and why don’t you regret them? I know mine might seem a little silly, so tell me about yours!